• A good Investment Returns Year
  • Many clients we meet tell us they expect to make 8 to 10 percent investment return in an average year. We tell them that emphasis should be placed on the “an average” as the average doesn’t describe any particular year very well. Technically, there is significant dispersion around the mean.

  • The Conversation has Changed
  • The conversation we are having with prospective new clients has changed; an indication perhaps that investor attitudes and the economic cycle have advanced to a new point.

  • My Philosophy of Goal Setting
  • Idealized goals are not very satisfying. There are always examples of others who are doing better than you. Measuring yourself against perfect is always a losing proposition…for all of us.

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Research by our consultants, CEG worldwide, found that 93% of wealthy families prefer to work with an advisor when managing their money. The overwhelming majority of successful investors share this view.

Financial advisors have a wide variety of designations, but none is as rigorously focused on investment knowledge as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA ®) designation.

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